Campaign Contributions

A note from Owen:
In early September my campaign was sent $383.84 from a previous campaign for state government that had concluded in 2020. This was appropriate. Many candidates of all parties use leftover campaign funds. As a note the individual that sent the monies to my campaign fund was not endorsed by either the Republican, or Democrat party. As required, and in full transparency, I disclosed this donation on my campaign report. I was then contacted by a current, sitting board member on this contribution. I disclosed to this board member that I had not used the funds, yet had disclosed them. I have opted not to use those funds and instead will donate them to a suitable charity. In total transparency, I will not use those funds as part of my campaign. 

My term on the school board and my campaign are based on ethical and transparent foundations. And this example is no exception. However, this current board member is now accusing me of lying through media channels and in direct conversations with the community. It is with regret that I publish this information and my statement about all events related to this accusation. And pointedly, the involvement of my board colleague in this campaign lie is most disappointing.
Respectfully submitted with hopes we can serve our community better.